Valentin Thièrion robotic activity’s History

Valentin Thièrion has been engineering and manufacturing packaging lines (end of line), for all types of industries during more than 50 years. Valentin Thièrion, designs develops and manufactures its own peripheral, electrical and automation tools. Our last generation machines meet the current market requirements: safety, accuracy, robustness and ergonomics. In 1994, Thièrion underwent a major transformation when it merged with Valentin, to consolidate their complementary activities.

We are an innovative player in robotics integration and we are keeping pace with leading edge technologies.

Why choosing Valentin Thièrion ?

Our expertise is world famous

Valentin Thièrion’s experience in engineering and manufacturing packaging lines for all types of industries goes back 100 years. With an access to the right resources, we can provide our clients with custom made engineering solutions and assistance throughout the project.

Valentin Thièrion wasted no time in developing customized solutions for robotics integration, production line engineering and ongoinghandling. 

Our integrated and dedicated design office develops custom-made technologies and provides project assistance: before, during and after. We have a strong position in the French market and abroad. Over half of our turnover comes from exports.

We customize and manage the full project cycle

You control your customization projects: you tell us what you want and we will find the right solution. Our sales teams will provide assistance throughout the project according to a 3-phase customized cycle:

  • Consulting, design, 3D simulation, pricing and manufacturing (workshop sizing / trades needed) -> drafting of the specs.
  • Installing and commissioning.
  • Training, maintenance, after-sales service, local and international assistance 24/7.

Thièrion’s design office has the mechanics, computer and robotics expertise needed to implement and support innovative technologies.