What is a disgorging line?

It is a production line used after the filling line in the wine industry.

Disgorging means removing the deposits from wine fermentation. It is the last step of the bottling process. A capsuling and labeling process is often added at the end. The line comprises 4 to 12 machines depending on the speed required. It may be semi-automatic or automatic. The process requires a high level of attention and accuracy, especially with sparkling wines, where the bubble quality must be preserved.

Neck freezing machine

The neck freezer is used to freeze the bottle necks; it is the first step of the disgorging process. At the end of the filling process, the bottles are sealed with metal caps. Then, they are turned upside down to collect the yeast deposits in the bottleneck. Once frozen, the deposit is trapped in a small ice cylinder that can be easily removed.

Disgorging and dosing machine

This step is about the disgorging action itself, hence the name of disgorging machine, which is in fact an automated uncapping machine. The ice cylinder containing the deposit is removed without damaging the wine. It creates a void at the top of the bottle which must be filled up. Then the dosing unit is used in a process that is often linked to that of the disgorging unit.

Dosage means adding a “dosage liquor” to the sparkling wine to fill up the bottle. It is a cane-sugar syrup whose composition will give the wine its personality.

Corking and wiring machine

The well named Corking and wiring machine closes the bottle with a cork stopper and adds a muselet (metal rod with cap), to protect the stopper. Valentin Thièrion is the undisputed leader for the production of high-speed corking and wiring machines.

Mixing machine

It is a machine that rotates the bottles 180°, to stop the air bubble from traveling inside and optimize the liquor-wine mix. Discover our mixing machines.

Additional machines

If the throughput is increased, more disgorging machines are needed. Their action is very specific and they must be accurate. Palletizing and depalletizing machines are used for incoming and outgoing bottles. Additional robotized tasks and conveyor design are the core business of the Thièrion factory. Transfers from one line or machine to another is automated and faster.

Valentin Thièrion is now recognized as the world leader for cutting edge and sustainable disgorging technologies.