Can you tell us about your background?

I graduated in 1998 with a technical College degree (DUT) in Mechanical Engineering. Right after graduation, I was hired by the Valentin Thièrion Company to work in the design office and subsequently in the After-sales Department. Then I left to work in other companies and came back 3 years later. Since then I never left Valentin Thièrion. I started as a Design Draftsman and moved on to Project Manager. I was later appointed Head of the After-sales Department and now I am heading the Design Office.

Can you tell us about your job and duties?

In fact, I have two jobs: Head of the Design Office and Project Manager. I see myself as a big brother to my colleagues. Someone with whom they can exchange ideas, talk about problems and ask for advice. I am the person that people go to and ask in case of problem.

The first task of a project manager is to visualize, develop and find the right solution for his client. If the project turns into an order, he is responsible for the deployment and compliance of our solution with the user’s requirement.

How important is it for the Valentin Thièrion Company to have an in-house design office?

Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineers staff the Valentin Thièrion’s Design Office. With our combined skills, we can provide the solutions responding exactly to the clients’ needs. Moreover, thanks to our field experience we can suggest the most suitable solution for each case.