Henri Giraud, a famous Maison de Champagne

The Maison “Henri Giraud”, founded in 1975, is world renowned for its rosé and white sparkling wines. It is located in the privileged area of Ay, in Champagne, a village with vineyards classified as “grands crus” for the quality of their pinots noirs and chardonnays. With a production of 300 000 bottles/year, Henri Giraud managed to combine industrial expertise and traditional know-how, to produce exceptional vintages.

A late order jeopardizes 1 year of harvest

In 2018, the Maison Henri Giraud decided tardily to automate the loading of the grapes all the way to the press. Just a few weeks before the harvest, the Maison Henri Giraud realized that it needed an automatic press feeder urgently to start its wine production.

Valentin Thièrion’s contribution and its groundbreaking grape press feeder

As a key local player in wine engineering in the Epernay Region – 170 years of accumulated expertise – Valentin Thièrion was able to offer the right and quick solution.

Valentin Thièrion designed in record time (3 months instead of 8) and developed for the occasion, an automatic press feeder at the cutting edge of technology. The machine, certified by the C.I.V.C. (Champagne Interprofessionnal Wine Committee), combined ease of handling and accuracy, to ensure that grapes were treated with much more carefully than with manual loading. This completely autonomous machine, reaches an exceptional feeding rate of 4000 kilos in less than 20 minutes. Valentin guarantees a turnaround time under 3 months between signing the order and the commissioning of the machine. We also provide a quick and responsive after-sales service.

Two hours before the bell the harvest was saved!

After taking stock of the situation, a tough action plan with a very tight timing was set up. Completely focused on the deadline, the teams made it. The machine was delivered and started 11 weeks after the order was signed and 2 hours before beginning the harvest! These are the reasons why leading brands such as Haton & FilsSchlumberger and GVG trust us.