A custom-made tool for the meet processing company Jean Floc’h

Valentin Thierion is currently studying a new product that can unmold pies/rillettes. The “demolder” is an order from the multinational company Jean Floc’h, a pork meat processor located in the French province of Bretagne.

Technical specifications

  • Stainless steel structure without any retention area, washable with a foam gun
  • Weight: 22 kilos

Main functions:

  • Demoulding of 3 trays of cooked pâté at the same time
  • Trays: 1.5 kilo each
  • Placing the pâtés in a thermofermenting machine

The tool is designed to be attached to a “STAUBLI” food rotating arm. Two jacks lower blades between the mold walls and the pâté to demold the product. The throughput rate can reach 30 moulds/minute.

A tool that meets very specific requirements

Now, demolding is done by hand, in hitting the molds against a hard surface. It is a difficult and tedious task with no set completion time. The company wants to improve productivity, without cutting jobs. On the other hand, the workstations concerned will undergo a major transition: operators will have to run a robot, and carry out maintenance work. Thièrion launched a project study that must comply with food processing requirements (hygiene, frailty, product structure, etc.), technical and business constraints.

A committed and thorough design office

A study was completed on the design of an automated demoulding cycle adapted to a food robot. 3D simulations were created to check the compliance with the specifications.