169 years of history in wine Engineering

Valentin Thièrion was founded in 1850 in Épernay, at the heart of Champagne Region.

Valentin Thièrion quickly positioned itself in the production of disgorging, labeling and manual bottling devices. First in the sparkling wine market, then in still wines : red, white and rosé. Since then, Valentin Thièrion has been supplying the main local Champagne houses. Gradually, it started exporting all over the world through distributors located in all the continents. Valentin Thièrion quickly became a leader in the wine industry, especially in the world of bubbles: Champagne and Crèment.

Valentin Thièrion focused first on the production of Champagne. By developing machines and consumables, the company quickly became a key and innovative player in the business sector.

Over the years, Valentin Thièrion extended its expertise to other beverages: still wine, cider, beer… although it was not part of its original business. Over time sales grew steadily and they quickly became part of Valentin Thièrion’s core business.

Our mission: wine Engineering

For over  a century we have been designing production lines, from the disgorging phase all the way to labeling, from the small productions wineries to the best known Champagne Houses.

We promote a close cooperation between the teams right from the start of the study to let all the stakeholders contribute to the drafting of the Specifications. In selecting the needed resources, we provide the right engineering solution for the specific needs of each client with assistance to its staff throughout the project.

Whether it is champagne or other sparkling beverages, the sense of innovation leads us to design the complete automation of the packaging line by developing freezing tanks, disgorger-dosers, filling machines, corking wiring machines and/or capping machines that are increasingly innovative, efficient and sustainable for: still wine, cider, beer…  Producers and Champagne Houses, French or foreign, enjoy the boosted efficiency that lets them respond to a growing demand from consumers.

Together with the French Fab

A true showcase of French industries, this innovative movement embodies the best of French manufacturing: an avant-garde industry that exports. It is open to the transformations brought about by new technologies and the green economy, among others.

The main mission of the French Fab is to unite the stakeholders of French industries to create value in the world from their expertise. It contributes to its transformation and modernization and numbered over 213 000 companies in 2018.

Valentin Thièrion embraces these values as well and joined the movement in 2018.

A green strategy

From the heart of the Champagne Region, Valentin Thièrion provides its regional, national and foreign clients, with an expertise and obsession for quality inherited from a bright past.

All of its technological developments are planned in an eco-friendly way: “EP+” technologies such as ecological neck freezer containers are created to limit the use and waste of consumables while optimizing the productivity of industrial processes. The ambition to create a more virtuous industry has enabled Valentin to initiate the “Eco responsible Bottling” Charter. The company undertakes, with its partners and clients, to use existing Eco-responsible techniques for the Champagne disgorging process.

The Valentin Thièrion House

The wine engineering activity at a glance :

  • Headcount: +40
  • 30 000 spare parts
  • Staff of 12 specialists in the design office
  • +50 000 machines in operation around the world
  • Agents in 12 countries covering all the continents
  • 13 innovation awards
  • 15 patents Registered